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Stick on skirting 21PCA100

Stick on skirting 21PCA100

  • Needs no screws, can be installed using double sided tape or glue direct to wall.
  • Cornering system for easy installation.
  • Modern look.
  • Can be coloured to suit décor.
  • Size 100mm or 150mm (new).

Aluminium stick on Skirting is ideal to cover nearly any type of wall base. It will protect against scratches and other damage and can be used to cover other gaps that may be visible.

Specially designed with adhesive, no screws or other types of connection devices are necessary.

Black, grey or white corners available


All of our skirting is designed to be used both commercially as well as residentially.

Low maintenance saves time and costs compared to timber as you don't have undercoat, first coat and finishing coat then install. Alu skirting comes powder coated to suit your project.

Anodising options are also available.

Cleaning is a simple spray and wipe with a wet cloth, easy cleaning, low maintenance.